Timeless Kit

RM735.00 MYR

The ultimate anti-aging trio to aid skin rebirth and smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles!

After cleansing and toning

  • Massage coin-sized amount of Timeless Code Serum onto face by using gentle upward and outward strokes
  • Gently apply a small amount of Ageless Cream on wrinkle prone areas (refer to diagram below)
  • Refrain from any facial expression while waiting for 3-5 minutes
  • Massage Timeless Code Cream onto face by using gentle upward and outward stroke
  • Follow with makeup routine in the day or go to sleep at night without washing off

RM735.00 MYR

How to use?

Suggest usage: Daily, both in the morning and evening for Timeless Code Serum and Cream. 2-3 times a week for Ageless Cream.

Note: Avoid oil-based skincare products (before and after applying Ageless Cream) for maximal product efficacy. White cast is natural as it shows that the beneficial ingredients are enhancing the repairing process. Tap gently into skin to avoid skin reaction.


Ageless Cream
Timeless Code Dual Stem Cell Cream
Timeless Code Dual Stem Cell Serum



Timeless Kit
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